Winners and Losers of the Trade Deadline

Ean Greenberg

By Justin Danziger

With just one minute left till the trade deadline, it seemed like just another dud year.  Nothing exciting happened yet.  Yes, Kevin Garnett was making his return to the Timberwolves, but how impactful was that trade going to be?  Then…BAM!  The entire NBA world exploded as trade after trade after trade began to surface.  In the end, it was the most active deadline day EVER.  Who are the winners?  Who are the losers?

Oklahoma City Thunder- Winner

The Thunder traded Reggie Jackson to the Pistons and Kendrick Perkins as well as a future first round and Grant Jerrett pick to the Jazz.  They received Enes Kanter, DJ Augustin, Kyle Singler, and Steve Novak.  

One major blow to the Thunder, before the deadline, was their lack of depth.  Reggie Jackson was the only sparkplug off the bench; the others were young and inconsistent.  How are they winners?

The Thunder built their bench by trading a greedy, unhappy, inconsistent point guard who would have cost A LOT of money and an expensive veteran who contributes very little on the floor.  If you break it down, Enes Kanter is an upgrade from Perkins and DJ Augustin is an upgrade from Reggie Jackson.  In the past few games, the Thunder have been plowing through opponents Durant-less, yet confident.  Kanter has recorded two double-doubles and Singler has provided valuable floor spacing, leaving Thunder fans to say “THANK YOU SAM PRESTI!”

Milwaukee Bucks- Winner

The Bucks traded Brandon Knight and Kendall Marshall to the Suns in a three-team deal.  They received Michael Carter-Williams, Tyler Ennis, and Miles Plumlee.

Think about the future for a second.  Who will be the teams of the future?  The Warriors…duh.  The Celtics…maybe.  The Bucks…yes.  People tend to forget that the Bucks boast a record above .500.  Coach Kidd is doing a fantastic job nurturing this team.  Yes, they gave up a near All Star in Brandon Knight, but in return, they received the reigning Rookie of the Year, an underdeveloped playmaker, and an above average big man.  The highlight of this trade is clearly MCW because he fits in so well.  Brandon Knight is a solid defender, but MCW has the length to be a lockdown defender.  Now he is matched with an underrated 3 and D player in Khris Middleton, this can be one of the best defensive backcourts in the league.  And once Jabari Parker gets healthy and Giannis develops, this starting lineup can be dangerous.

Philadelphia 76ers- Loser

The 76ers traded Michael Carter-Williams to the Bucks, KJ McDaniels to the Rockets, and received Javale McGee and a first round pick.

Let me start of by saying, Javale McGee is set to make $12 million next year.  The 76ers were basically paid to take this bum off the Nuggets’ hands.  The 76ers went from a team that could be immensely improved by next season to a team that will be the worst in the league for YEARS.  They dealt the reigning Rookie of the Year and one of the best rookies and athletes in the league for a first round pick and Javale McGee.  It seems as though Sam Hinkie wants to start all over again.  COME ON SIXERS!!!!!

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