Why Manchester City Can Win the Premier League


Manchester City currently sit atop of the Premier League, tied with Manchester United on points but ahead on goal difference. City certainly have loads of talent and money at their disposal, but so do many other teams. So, what makes this Manchester City lineup better than the rest?

City’s first advantage is the players themselves. The squad is very balanced, and has depth in every position. Defensively, City is rock-solid with Otamendi, Stones, Kompany, and Mangala all boasting physicality and technicality. None of them easily lose their footing, and are rarely caught out of position. Despite Mendy’s unfortunate injury, City still has 3 options for fullbacks. Delph can play on the left, and is very situatiionaly aware. Walker is pacey, and provides a threat going forwards. Danilo can play on the left or the right if needed.

In the middle of the pitch, Fernandinho protects the defence when the fullbacks press forwards, and serves to hold the ball while on attack. Out wide, Sane and Sterling provide speed and dribbling skills, while Bernardo Silva can also play out wide and create chances from the wings. In the center, De Bruyne and David Silva are the team’s heart. While not goalscorers, they still pose the occasional threat from long shots. They function as the team’s playmakers,and all plays revolve around them. Up top, Jesus and Aguero provide clinical finishing.

Tactically, the fullbacks push up, creating a 3-5-3 on attack, with Fernandinho and both center-backs providing cover. On defence, City has adequate cover because Fernandinho acts as a defensive midfielder, breaking up plays. Silva and De Bruyne create plays, while Jesus finds the net.

For these reasons, City are head-and-shoulders above the competition.

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