What Happened: Torrey, Tiger, and Jason Day


By Calvin Ralph

The year is 2008, it’s a Sunday in June, wait…it’s the final round of the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines, and an all but normal finish is about to take place.

Our leader is Rocco Mediate, a PGA Tour journeyman, looking for his first career Major win. In second, world #1 Tiger Woods is coming up the 18th fairway.

And then this happens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFfCpvT_MV8

Let’s not forget that Woods was playing on one leg, almost unable to walk from tee to green at all.

The rest is history though, as Tiger wins in an exciting Monday playoff (I love those). He hasn’t grabbed a major in the seven years since.

Fast forward now to February 5th, 2015. The annual Farmers Insurance Open is taking place at Torrey Pines. Tiger is roaming the fairways and his back gives out.

Yes, Tiger Woods’ back went out again, or as he described it, “my glutes deactivated.”

Tiger was not playing badly, though. Yes, he was two-over through 11 holes, but there were signs that the yips, which haunted him at Phoenix, could be gone after chipping early in his round. Sadly, we were mistaken.

Clearly, Tiger needs to get the rest in before the major season begins. If we see him rush back from injuries time and time again, it could mean the end of his career.

Golf fans know Jason Day. We know him as the young Aussie who can’t finish in majors (sadly). Day proved most of us wrong this past weekend. He took a major-type field and did not crack under the pressure; in fact, he went into the 18-hole playoff in stride, and just took advantage of every opportunity he had.

If Jason Day keeps hitting the long ball and making big putts, he will win a major this year. Jason Day’s stellar performance at the Farmers Insurance Open made that undeniably clear.

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