The Top Five: Who has the Most Swag in College Basketball?



By Josh Stonberg

5. Aaron Harrison

Okay, this dude might not achieve the highest levels of dopeness all the time, but when it comes to March, his veins are straight ice.  He has only played in one tourney, and he is already a madness legend. Need I say more in the 21st century?

Cya Louisville, Michigan and Wisconsin!

4. Tyler Harvey

Who the hell is Tyler Harvey?  Oh nothing special, just the LEADING SCORER IN DIVISION ONE.  If that does not say swag, then I do not know what does.  This is a guy who literally is his whole team.  And what is the swaggiest shot in the game?  Harvey attempts just over nine trey balls a game. NINE. When you shoot nearly 50% on them I guess it is acceptable.  Only a sophomore, Harvey is gonna be a force for a few more years.  Watch out for his Eastern Washington Eagles in the tourney.

3. Montrezl Harrell

This is a guy who stripped himself of his captainship because he felt he was yelling at the younger players too much. Okay Montrezl, you do you big guy.  When he is not being “too awesome” to be captain, he is destroying some of the best teams in the country. That name though. However, just being good does not get you on this exclusive list.  Harrell is one of the dopest ballas in the game today because his alley-oop game is on fleek.

“Yeah I throw down in the natty champ”

“Bro, I can jump really, really high”

“Blake who?”

2. Willie-Cauley Stein

Fashion sense: impeccable.  If you thought Russell Westbrook dressed boldy, you have not seen anything yet.  This is what he wore to the national championship game last year.  Swag? I’d say so.  He also has dyed his hair blond, which looked pretty awesome.  And last night, he did this: Throw down the HAMMER.  Possibly the best shot blocker in the NCAA, Cauley-Stein definitely has a future in the NBA.  But until then, we will get to enjoy his awesome amounts of swagger both on the Kentucky sideline and on the court.

1. D’Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell is a bad man. His dimes are a perfect combination of basketball IQ and absolute swag.  As Bruno Mars would say, “Don’t believe me just watch.”


Northwestern students try to forget they have a basketball team

D’Angelo Russell destroys the whole state of Iowa

Lol Northwestern


Russell is not a one trick pony though.  His craftiness is apparent in all facets of his game, and his three point stroke would make the splash bros jealous.  But simply being a good player does not make you the baddest dude in division one.  No, to be the coolest guy on the court every game you play  requires a lot more than “skills.”  One must have the confidence of J.R Smith.  Check.  Russell is averaging 6.4 attempted three pointers per contest.  This man must also be a cold-blooded killer, willing to take over a game on any given night.  Check for Russell again, who has 27 or more points in four games this season, and in one of those games had a 25-point first half.  The only achievement left for Russell, who plays like he is at rucker park every night, is leading his team on a deep tourney run. A feat already accomplished by now NBA swag-phenoms Kemba Walker and Stephen Curry.


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