NBA Fan Duel Finds: April 3rd, 2015



By: Alec Byron


NOTE: Lots of games here tonight which means lots of opportunity for people to have a great game. I will be doing more than 3 players in each section, to give you all the best research and insight for tonight. Lets start the weekend off right and make some cash!



Russell Westbrook (12,700): As we all know, Westbrook is an animal, and does not need an explanation on why he should be picked. Looking at his games in the month of March, he has not, and will not cool down. Playing minutes in the upper 30’s to low 40’s, Westbrook is just shouldering the Thunder into the NBA Playoffs. This man can go up against the best defensive guard, as he may be with Conley tonight, and still put up 50+ FP. If you can fit him in your lineups, at such an expensive salary, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.


Deron Williams (6,600): In my last article, I wrote about how Deron Williams is back and is getting the minutes he deserved. Well, he proved me right. In 34 minutes he put up 26 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, and a steal, making way for a 45.9 FP game. I am going to have him in my lineup again because I just love him tonight at home against Toronto and he has been getting all of the minutes that he can handle lately. The Raptors are without their All-Star Point Guard Kyle Lowry, a great defensive guard, which will give Williams an even greater advantage tonight. Letting up 40 FPPG over the last five games, the Raptors are going to have their hands full with Mr. Williams in Brooklyn.


Kemba Walker (8,400): What a tear this man has been on. With him eating up his minutes like its breakfast, Kemba is another serious contender for a big game tonight. Facing a weak Pacer backcourt, in a game which is not looking like it will be a blowout, Walker will look to continue with his superb play. 28.8 FP, his lowest FP scoring game in the last 8 games, it doesn’t seem like George Hill will be able to slow down this man. In those 8 games, the lowest amount of minutes Walker got was still a respectable 31 minutes. With the Hornets putting Big Al (Al Jefferson for those who don’t know who “Big Al” is) on minutes restriction, Kemba is going to have more looks to score, more rebounds to grab, and more plays to make.


George Hill (7,600): Just because I said that he is not going to be able to stop Kemba, does not mean that he won’t have a good game. Getting plenty of minutes himself, Hill has been playing very well as of late. With 27.3 FP being his lowest fantasy game in his last 8 games, we can continue to ride his bulky production. Facing a great matchup at home with Charlotte, who have let up 47.6 FPPG over the last 5 games to opposing PG’s, Hill should definitely keep up his solid play. With Paul George’s return sneaking up, but still not quite here yet, Mr. Hill is still going to have to keep scoring for his team. He is still at a higher salary but will give you some great minutes on your roster tonight.


Jordan Clarkson (7,500): Boy have I loved Jordan Clarkson as of late and especially tonight. Clarkson is a very versatile guard, which only helps in Fanduel. He has two double-doubles in row with points and rebounds, making for a 40.4 FP game and another 52.7 FP game. Like the rest of the guards on my list, he is getting minutes anywhere from mid 30’s to low 40’s. The Lakers are showcasing a poor lineup, as Shaq made fun of during the Roast of Justin Bieber, and Clarkson right now is making the most of it. Scoring, rebounding, and assisting tremendously, Look for the rising star to continue playing well tonight at home


Elfrid Payton (7,900): Another very versatile guard is Elfrid Payton. Like the Lakers, but have a little more skill, the Magic are not one of the stronger teams in the league. Payton is a very capable scorer having 8 games of at least 13 points. But not only can he score but he is a great rebounding guard, as well as an outstanding passer. He had 2 triple-doubles last month and started off April with 14 points, 7 assists, 7 rebounds, and 4 steals, in a 41.9 FP game. He is playing a pretty weak team in the Timberwolves who are without Ricky Rubio and I see Payton having another great game.


*Risk Play* Zach LaVine (5,800): This is probably the most expensive risk play i’ll ever write about. Priced at 5,800, LaVine is a good option if you’re looking to go a little cheaper. His past two games of 27.9 FP and 38 FP are very nice. But the two games before that, 19.3 FP and 21.6 FP are not so nice. With Rubio still injured and “doubtful” for tonight’s game, LaVine will make for a solid, yet risky start in Fanduel. If for some reason Rubio should come back and get the start, LaVine is not a smart option tonight.


Consider: John Wall, Mike Conley, Reggie Jackson, and Damian Lillard



Victor Oladipo (8,200): The Magic backcourt is whittling into a marvelous duo in the coming future with Oladipo and Payton. The Indiana product has been tearing up anyone who has the challenge of guarding him recently. His minutes are just ludicrous with the lowest in the last 10 games, being 35. Furthermore, he has been helping out Elfrid Payton with shouldering most of the load for scoring. Even though we see his points skyrocketing, his production in other categories have certainly not slowed down. He pretty much contributes all over the floor in all categories and will tonight in a GREAT(caps lock intentional) matchup in Minnesota.


Evan Turner (7,200): After being traded from Philly and ousted from Indiana,  it looked as though Turner didn’t have much value to the Celtics. But, after he was given a chance, Boston realized how well of a ball player Evan Turner really is. While getting pretty consistent minutes, his production is pretty consistent as well. His past three games have been 31+ FP games. He has a loveable clash tonight against the Bucks, who have given up 41.2 FPPG over the last five games. I see Evan turner having another 30+ FP game tonight in Boston.

Bradley Beal (5,800): It looks as though Washington is giving Beal his fair share of minutes of late. While last month was super unpredictable in terms of Beal’s production, Brad has been showing some of what he can do in the past week and I am trusting him tonight against a laughable New York team. Allowing 36.4 FPPG in the last five games, the Knicks will have a hard time with Beal. To help Beal’s case, the Knicks are going to have lots of trouble with John Wall and Marcin Gortat, giving Beal plenty of looks tonight.


*Risk Play* Anthony Morrow (4,500): Even though I said that I will be giving you more than 3-4 players in each section, these four are my favorite tonight, but I will tell you who to consider at the end of this section. Back to making money… Anthony Morrow is getting solid minutes now and is doing some good, and some not so good, things with them. Last game he scored 32 points, grabbed 4 rebounds, and stole the ball once, paving the way to a 38.8 FP game. In a duel against the Grizzlies, who let have let up 40 FPPG over the last five games, Morrow will look to seize another great opportunity. He will get the minutes, I just hope he will make the most of them.


Consider: Joe Johnson, Jimmy Butler, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Louis Williams



Andrew Wiggins (7,000): In my humble opinion, this man deserves the Rookie Of the Year Award, as well as a possible spot on your Fanduel roster tonight. Before March 23rd, his game was a little off. After March 23rd, however, everything changed. The man is quietly on a tear.

While getting a ridiculous amount of minutes, averaging 36 on the season, Wiggins has picked up his workload lately. Coming off of a 41.5 FP game, he will look to tear up his opposing Small Forward tonight, Tobias Harris. The Magic have let up 43.7 FPPG over the last five games and Wiggins has the skills to achieve and even top that number. Look for this man to do so.


Kawhi Leonard (8,200): Obviously it’s easy to put the top player of his position on my list of players to look at tonight, but Leonard is hard to pass up on if you’re able to fit him in your roster. In the month of March, he averaged 19.1 points, 7.2 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 2.6 steals a game. These are great numbers which have earned him his respectable Fanduel salary of 8,200. The Nuggets have given up 35 FPPG over the last five games and Kawhi will look to surpass that amount, which we all know he is capable of doing.


Gerald Henderson (5,600): Even though he is not my risk play tonight at the Small Forward spot, he is still a bit risky. His minutes are there, but his production is certainly shaky. I have him on my list tonight because over his last four games, he has averaged 27.2 FPPG, which is a good play for 5,600. The reason why I say he is risky is because he could have a great matchup, like tonight against the Pacers, but still won’t produce, like he did March 22nd in Minnesota. The Pacers have given up 37 FPPG over the last five games to Small Forwards so this could be a great night for Mr. Henderson.

Chase Budinger (5,300): He may look like another risk play tonight but he’s not going to be labeled as such. Getting solid minutes next to the other T-Wolf Small Forward, Andrew Wiggins, Budinger has been doing a little bit of everything. Like I explained in the section of Wiggins, Orlando doesn’t defend this position very well which is why I like both of them tonight. Chase is a great play, even alongside Wiggins, because of how cheap he is, This is why he will be getting a spot in one of my two lineups tonight.

A penny saved is a penny earned.


*Risk Play* Omri Casspi (4,000): With one of their two star players, Rudy Gay, out with injury, the Kings have relied on Casspi to step up. This season, whenever Gay sits for a game, Casspi makes for a great play. Last game on Wednesday when Gay was out, Casspi posted a very solid 18 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals, on his way to a 33.4 FP game. He has a little bit of a tough matchup against the Pelicans who have only let up 30 FPPG in the last five games, but with Gay out, Omri will get plenty of minutes to put up great numbers.


Consider: Nicolas Batum, Jeff Green, and Quincy Pondexter(another risky play)



Anthony Davis (12,200): Only $500 less than Westbrook, Davis must be doing something right. This man is just as ridiculous as Westbrook, but not getting as much attention. He gets huge minutes and puts up preposterous numbers. It is almost okay to say that you can count on him getting you 45+ FP, but you don’t wanna Jinx it. Sacramento, his opponent tonight, is the second worst team when guarding Power Forwards this season, only better than the Nuggets.
Davis seizes the opportunities against weak teams. When he faced the Nuggets, he almost notched a QUADRUPLE-DOUBLE with 36 points, 14 rebounds, 7 assists, and 9 blocks. The Kings will not be able to guard Davis anytime tonight.


Pau Gasol (8,800): My god, Gasol has a great shot at going off tonight. Without Greg Monroe’s big body to clash with others down low, Pau may have his way with Detroit. Like most of you know, Gasol doesn’t care who he is going against, he puts up big numbers. The guy literally leads the league in double-doubles. The Pistons have consistently given up around 40 FPPG over the entirety of the season and I see Gasol getting just around that exact number tonight.


Tim Duncan (7,000): The veteran has had his minutes fluctuate from low 20’s to low 30’s of late. When he gets minutes, however, he always makes his case as one of the best Power Forwards of all time. He has the best matchup possible tonight against the Denver Nuggets and while I don’t see him posting numbers like Anthony Davis did against these Nugs, I see Duncan having his way with them. Because his minutes could be low, use him with caution.


*Risk Play* Marvin Williams (4,800): With Cody Zeller sidelined with injury, Marvin Williams has been the man to step up for the Hornets. This guy is averaging 34 minutes over the last 7 games. While, of those seven games, only a few were worth a look, I think he will have a good game tonight. This is because those few games that were worth a look, were his last three games. Priced at 4,800, his low salary and solid play will be made up for when you can afford a more expensive player.


Consider: LaMarcus Aldridge, Nikola Mirotic, and Amir Johnson



DeMarcus Cousins (11,900): Out of Westbrook, Davis, and Cousins tonight, I think I like Cousins the most. In the last 3 of his 4 games, he has scored at LEAST 70 FP!!!! That is unheard of! One of those games was against New Orleans, and guess who he is going up against tonight; New Orleans! Last time he dropped 39 points and 20 rebounds in New Orleans. Tonight he is playing at home and while I will never expect anyone to get my 70 FP, I do believe Cousins will play very well tonight. He WILL be in one of my lineups


Nikola Vucevic (8,200): Vucevic is third in double-doubles for the league this year. He is a very smart and well rounded center and has a favorable game tonight in Minnesota. He is getting anywhere from high 20’s to high 30’s in minutes. With these two, average at best, teams duking it out tonight, I see Vucevic getting big minutes. When he gets big minutes, he gives big numbers.


Marcin Gortat (6,900): I am a little reluctant to pick Gortat tonight, but whenever a big man is going up against the Knicks, his value rises immediately. The Knicks have given up 50 FPPG over the last five games. In his last 3 games, 2 of them were performances over 45 FP. With the Knicks not having anyone to guard relatively well at any position, especially big men, Gortat will likely have a great game at home. The only thing that is scary about this game is that it could end up being a blowout.


*Risk Player* Justin Hamilton (4,900): This play is super risky. Priced at 4,900, Justin Hamilton is a great play for a couple of reasons tonight. First, the last time he played, even when Minnesota had Gorgui Dieng playing, Hamilton showed what he can do, by playing very well. Second, he is starting tonight and is the only option at center for the Wolves. What does this mean? He is going to get lots and lots of minutes. The only risky thing here is that he is going to battle against Nikola Vucevic and he is a tough player to go against. Use him with caution but he could have a big upside.

NOTE: My two lineups are very similar because I like the foundation I have around my team. I believe that with the superstars that I have on each team, they will be able to give me lineups tonight.


Lineup 1:

Elfrid Payton- 7,900

Deron Williams- 6,600

Anthony Morrow- 4,500

Bradley Beal- 5,800

Chase Budinger- 5,300

Omri Casspi- 4,000

Pau Gasol- 8,800

Marvin Williams- 4,800

DeMarcus Cousins- 11,900


Lineup 2:

Russell Westbrook- 12,700

Deron Williams- 6,600

Anthony Morrow- 4,500

Bradley Beal- 5,800

Chase Budinger- 5,300

Omri Casspi- 4,000

Pau Gasol- 8,800

Marvin Williams- 4,800

Marcin Gortat- 6,900

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