Manchester United vs. Manchester City

Emmanuel Balascak

The recent Manchester derby, in England’s top soccer league, was in complete shambles. The two clubs have begun to become everything they mocked and laughed at other soccer clubs for doing. They both have tendencies to spend an enormous amount of money on players, managers and they still can not win the league. There has always been tension in the Manchester Derby, but nowadays the tension seems to come more from which club has spent their money more wisely, not about the passion in the clubs.

I believe that both clubs are highly overrated. They both have managers that in the top 10 best managers year by year, they both spent over 160 million pounds, according to, and they both are struggling to be on the highest level of European Soccer, the Champions League next year.

Manchester United have been mocking Manchester City for years for being everything Manchester United is now. Although many Manchester United fans will resort to referencing their histories, such as the 2007-2008 team that won the Premier League and the Champions League. This does not bring back those teams and those trophies back. It is almost like the Manchester United are trying to make themselves believe that they are still Champions League winning team. Manchester United fans have also been accusing Manchester City of having real fans because they struggle to fill their stadium. A valid point, but Manchester City is still a young club and that they are seen as a club who got to their position by spending money.

This article is supposed to be about today’s derby. It was truly a pain to watch. A slow moving game, with drama seeming to be the only way for the clubs to get the attention of their fans. Although Manchester United and Manchester City have different objectives for this season. Manchester United hopes to enter the Champions League by winning the Europa League, and Manchester City hopes to finish in the top four of the Premier League to enter the Champions League. This game may not have been as important for the teams, but as someone who was expecting to watch good soccer, I felt very disappointment. Fellaini, Manchester United, took it upon himself to be the clown on the field this week by head butting Sergio Aguero, Manchester City. Fellaini was given a yellow card and then another to, at the end, receive a red card. After today’s game, I can see how both clubs have shifted from the passionate days of fights worth fighting for. All the way to headbutting a player so that the news and soccer meme pages have something to talk about tomorrow.

I am not a fan of Manchester Untied or Manchester City. I despise both teams, but they both aggravate me more when they keep headbutting each other over what Manchester club is better. They both are selfish and childish in their ways. They spend money on things that they use for a week and then poking it with a stick to see if it’ll move again, such as Paul Pogba. They both brag about how their clubs investments will guarantee a spot in the Champions League. Frankly, they are both at risk of not making it to the Champions League.

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