DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE WEEK: What did you expect out of Dalton?


Andy Dalton is widely known for being an epic failure when it comes to the playoffs, and it seems that this Sunday is yet another dreadful performance to add to the resume. In an ugly loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Dalton had a less-than-stellar 155 yards and only completed 51 percent of his passes, which is 5 percent lower than Cam Newton who had the lowest completion percent of all the winning quarterbacks this weekend. Although, some of that could be credited to the loss of star wide receiver, AJ Green. Dalton had a lower completion percentage just four times this season and was 1-3 in those games; it’s not easy to win in the NFL with numbers like that.  Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t as bad Ryan Lindley who only had 82 yards more than I did this Saturday, but the difference is that Dalton, this season’s leader in passing yards by a ginger, was expected to have a good game against the mediocre colts defense. Expected. I don’t think anyone has ever expected a good game out of Ryan Lindley. Anyways, lets go back to Dalton’s stifling inability to win in the playoffs. In all four of Gingivitis’ seasons in the NFL he has made the playoffs (so he must be doing something right!), but he fell short of a playoff win in every one of those seasons. I don’t know if it is nerves or just a pure lack of skill,  but the TCU product needs to figure this problem out because every season that he falls short, Cincinnati fans and executives will run out of a little more patience. The Bengals invested a lot in the Red Rifle, inking him to a 6 year, $115 million contract this offseason. The Bengals defense can only perform at a high level for so long, so Dalton will need to take advantage of his opportunity before his window closes.  God knows AJ McCarron is dying to get in a game.

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