Disappointment of the Week: James Dolan


By Bobby Kirschenbaum

Hiring new coaches and General Managers, looking out for NCAA prospects, taking care of the team finances, and more: these are some of the topics a responsible team owner would deal with. Social Media? Well, James Dolan decided to go down that road this week. While currently owning the league-worst 10-42 New York Knicks, Mr. Dolan received an email from a disappointed and agitated Knicks fan, Irving Bierman. Instead of reading the content of the letter and possibly even learning a thing or two from Mr. Bierman (because at this point, the Knicks could really use all the advice they can get), Dolan decided to respond with an email of his own. Simply, Irving expressed his feelings and suggested that Dolan should sell the Knicks so that this long and dreaded Championship drought would come to an end; however, Dolan was enraged and responded with some “suggestions” of his own. In this exchange, Dolan assumed the fan was an alcoholic and told him sobriety is the way to go. Also, he told the fan he should become a Brooklyn Nets fan because “the Knicks don’t want you [Bierman].” In my opinion as a Knicks fan, Dolan should sell the Knicks. Us fans are in desperation of a title one of these years, and Dolan is going as far away from that as possible. He has turned a once thriving Knicks dynasty into a circus. So, for this week, you, Mr. Dolan, have received Disappointment of the Week. Congratulations.

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