Disappointment of the Week: Adrian Peterson

Addison Abramowitz

Congratulations Adrian Peterson, it only took you one month to sign with a team, and your sign was disappointing. There are five reasons why someone would sign with a team, the players/coaches, the atmosphere, the organization, the money, and chances of winning a super bowl, and most of them are very disappointing in this scenario. That is why Adrian Peterson signing with the Saints for 2 years 7 million is the disappointment of the week.

  1. The Players/coaches- Drew Brees is a one of the greatest quarterbacks of this generation and will 100% be a first ballot hall of famer. Besides him, there isn’t much of a team. He was the only player voted to the pro-bowl this past year, and no other players were even close. Peterson has no connection with any of the other players and it doesn’t make sense for him to go. I also don’t know if he has even heard of a man named Mark Ingram Jr. the number one running back on the Saints that does not want to give up carries. The coaching system is just as bad. Sean Payton is on the hot seat every year and he will be until he gets fired. The rest of the coaching staff is young, inexperienced, and they are not going to have an impact on this team. Adrian Peterson is going to be very disappointed when he joins these players and coaches in New Orleans. 0-1
  2. The Atmosphere- New Orleans, Louisiana is the place to be. The fans are great, the food is great, the music is great, everything about NOLA is great, except the football team. 1-1
  3. The Organization- Five years ago, this organization was one of the best in the league. But today it isn’t. There is not a lot of hope for what will come to this team. They are in one of the best divisions in the league and they are the only team that doesn’t have a chance to win the division this year. 6-10 is a reach for them. Peterson will not be a enough of a difference maker to turn this organization around in the next few years. He will be disappointed with the New Orleans Saints organization. 1-2
  4. Money- Adrian Peterson has a net worth of 34 million dollars. He has enough money for him to retire today and still be living luxurious for the rest of his life and his kids wouldn’t even have to work and they would be set for life. Peterson, just like all other NFL players, doesn’t like to stop making money and he will try his best to make as much money as possible. Peterson is making 7 million in the next two years, which is the 26th highest of all running backs, some of the running backs making more than him are: Theo Riddick, Rex Burkhead, Bilal Powell, etc. Peterson is worth a lot more money than he will be making. If he isn’t already, he will be very disappointed with the money he is making. 1-3
  5. Super Bowl Chances-Adrian Peterson has set his career up pretty well number wise, but his injuries and off the field issues are going to prevent him from being a first ballot hall-of-famer. There is one way for him to get that automatic bid, winning a super bowl. There are 9 teams in the NFL that have any chance of winning the super bowl. Patriots, Raiders, Steelers, Chiefs, Cowboys, Giants, Packers, Seahawks, and Falcons are the only true contenders for next season. 6 of these 9 time went into the offseason looking for a new running back. The other three teams have Leveon Bell, Ezekiel Elliot and Devonta Freeman. Each of the other teams could have easily picked up Peterson, and many of them even scheduled to meet with him. He met with the Patriots, Giants, Seahawks, and Raiders but walked out with nothing. No offense, the Saints have absolutely no chance of winning the super bowl. That is a disappointing situation to put yourself into. 1-4

Adrian Peterson is a great player who has had a great career, but now with the Saints he is just going to be a disappointment. The five things that can make someone  sign with a new team are very simple: players and coaches, the atmosphere, the organization, the money, and the super bowl chances. Peterson has one of those four things going for him.

Rumor has it, his conversation with his agent was leaked.

Agent: What would you prefer, money or a super bowl?

Adrian: Neither.

Agent: I got you.

I wish him the best of luck but honestly, his new deal deserves this weeks My Weekly Sports Disappointment of the Week.

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