Dear Knicks Fans



Dear Knicks Fans,

I am sorry.

I really am.

You guys are amid the worst season in New York City basketball history, Carmelo is “injured” (quotations intentional), and your Triangle Offense looks more like a messy octagon.

But that is not the only reason I am sorry.

Dolan hired Phil Jackson, the Zen Master, in hopes of having a quick turnaround from last season to this one.  How did that work out?  I am not questioning Phil’s genius; I am questioning your common sense.  Yes, the man has an incredible amount of rings, but it is not the President of Basketball Operations that turns a team around in just one season, it is teamwork…and that is another reason why I am sorry.

Teams win championships and it seemed as though Carmelo, when healthy, was looking to be the superhero.  Now, Tim Hardaway is lashing back and the entire locker room is tired, impatient, and unhappy. I am a firm believer that the Kentucky Wildcats could beat this team.

But don’t fret just yet, things may be getting better soon.  After all this sucking and losing, the Knicks may land a top three pick and draft a gem like Jahlil Okafor or Karl Anthony-Towns.  Amare’s absurd contract is finally going to be off the books, and there are some intriguing free agent prospects.  Hopefully Carmelo can come back and score like the Melo we all know and love.  But then again, maybe not.  What if Carmelo never gets his act together?  What if he thinks about himself before his teammates?  If so, have fun paying him over $100 million for five years.

So this is my letter to you poor Knicks fans.  The NYC life may be flashy and fun, but stepping into MSG and the Big Apple doesn’t seem so appealing anymore.



A Bulls Fan

Justin Danziger

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