Athltete of the Week: Taste the Rainbow: The Dominance of Marshawn Lynch


Marshawn Lynch’s status has been up in the air all season, and seemingly the Seahawks should give the man whatever he wants. Although, reports have been circulating that the Seahawks want to go their separate ways with Beast Mode, but I find it hard to believe that they can say goodbye to somebody as skilled as Lynch. In any event, whether it will be enjoying his retirement or continuing to play on the gridiron for a different team, one thing is certain; Marshawn is an absolute beast.

After rushing for a six-yard touchdown in the second quarter, Lynch erupted for an unbelievable 79 yard run midway through the fourth. This 79-yard run put me, along with many other viewers into a time warp, taking us back to the “Beast Quake” run of 2011. The ‘Beast Quake’ is the name given to the run in the 2011 wild card game when Lynch broke nine tackles en route to a 41-36 victory over the reigning super bowl champions, New Orleans Saints.

After the rumors started circulating that the Seahawks wanted Lynch gone, he came out saying he is considering retirement. This is easy to understand, as Lynch is one of the most physical runners the NFL has ever seen. Ever since joining the Seahawks, Lynch has had at least 285 carries each season, and appears to be on track to surpass that mark once again this year. Lynch has been battling a bad back all season but has still managed 1,246 yards, good for 3rd best in the league, as well as the most rushing TD’s in the league.  At just 28 years old, it is clear Marshawn can still ball. Lynch provides a dimension to the Seahawks offense that makes defensive coordinators heads spin. Defenses simply fear him and I can’t imagine anyone that would want to try and tackle him and that is why the Seahawks are making a push for back-to-back Super Bowl victories. If Beast mode continues to produce like he has of late, I don’t see anybody stopping the Seahawks from winning their second title in as many years.

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