Believe it or not, My Weekly Sports– the website, podcast, Facebook page, and Instagram– is entirely owned and operated by high school students based out of Tenafly, NJ. All of its current staff are high school students in the tri-state area.

The website was founded and established by Tommy Cohen, Alex Notis, and Matt Budkofsky.


Meet the Staff:


Tommy Cohen: CEO and Editor-in-Chief


Phone number: 917-375-2537


Executive Writers Board:

  • Jack Kramer
  • Arya Bhansali
  • Jackson Byron
  • Noah Goldstein
  • Ean Greenberg
  • Scott Miller
  • Jeffrey Oppenheim
  • Constantine Vaimakis



Director- William Schreer

Writer- Ryan Turrell

Writer- Jackson Byron

Writer- Brad Schussel

Writer- Ezra Jared Lerner

Writer- Jake Aferiat



Director- Jack Kramer

Writer- Tommy Cohen

Writer- Arya Bhansali

Writer- Jeffrey Oppenheim



Director- Jeffrey Oppenheim

Writer- Sam Stein

Writer- Ean Greenberg

Writer- Cory Rosenberg

Writer- George Samwick



Director- Eli Rosen

Writer- Daniel Hizgilov

Writer- Jake Aferiat

Writer- Jacob Wallman


College Sports

Director- Tommy Cohen

Writer- Sam Stein

Writer- Jeremy Abramowitz

Writer- Ryan Caine

Writer- Ezra Jared Lerner

Writer- Drake Weissman



Director- Constantine Vaimakis

Writer- Marc Vitenzon

Writer- Noah Goldstein



Director- Tommy Cohen

Writer- Eli Gold

Writer- Dylan Carruba

Writer- Constantine Vaimakis