A Win for Boston, is A Win for Chyna

Logan Spivack

Last Saturday at 5 am, Chyna Thomas was one car accident on Interstate 5 in Federal Way, Washington. On Sunday night, the number one seeded Boston Celtics were to play the eight seeded Chicago Bulls. Despite the loss of his sister, Isaiah was still going to play in the first game of the series. This was an emotional game for Thomas and the entire city of Boston.

During Sunday morning practice, Isaiah was spotted crying and being supported by his fellow teammates through this trauma. Just before the game, Al Horford said, “We’re never going to make excuses, but this is hard,” Celtics center Al Horford told reporters. “This was difficult, and I felt like our guys really dealt with it best. We knew (Thomas) was hurting. … We have respect for him that he was able to come out.” Before the players were introduced, the entire team prayed for Isaiah and his family. When Isaiah was introduced, he ran out of the tunnel with tears running down his face. USA Today said, “Thomas received a warm ovation from the Boston crowd during pregame and when the teams took the court for the opening tip-off.” Brad Stevens said, “He was incredible,” “He’s an amazing, amazing player, an amazing person.” In the first half of the game the Celtics forced a turnover, Thomas threw a through-the-legs pass to Bradley, who passed it back to Thomas for a deep three-pointer. The Celtics then called a timeout after Thomas hit the deep three-pointer. Bradley ran over to and hugged Isaiah as he began to cry again.

Thomas ended the game with 30 points and three assists as the Boston Celtics lost 106-102. After the loss, Brad Stevens said on the C’s: “I’m not only proud of the effort, but the way they supported [Isaiah]. Couldn’t help but be inspired by his play.”. Even though the Celtics lost, Coach Stevens is proud of how the Celtics and Isaiah played through this emotional time for Thomas and his family. If the Boston Celtics were to beat the Bull’s the wins aren’t just for the city of Boston, but for Chyna Thomas as well. Through the loss of the sister and the insane numbers Isaiah Thomas has put up during the series, I award Isiah Thomas, Athlete of the Week.

Since the emotional first lost at home, Isaiah has been difficult for the Chicago Bulls. Last Tuesday night, Thomas had 20 points, four rebonds, and two assists in the 97-111 loss at home. At this point, the Celtics were down 0-2 in the series and were going to Chicago. Isaiah Thomas knew at this point he had to step up during this hard time. On Friday night, did his part. Isaiah had 16 points but had nine assists which gave the Celtics there first win of the series 104-87. A few days later, Isaiah had his best game of the series. Thomas ended the game with 33 points, seven assists, and four responds as the Boston Celtics won 104-95. Thomas played his heart out for the city of Boston and his sister, showing strength and dedication. On Wednesday, the series went back to Boston. This was a must need the win for Boston because the series was tied at 2-2. Boston won the game behind Thomas’s 24 points, four assists, and five rebounds. Now the Celtics are winning the series 3-2, with game six occurring on Friday at 8 pm. If the Celtics behind Isaiah Thomas were to keep playing they way they are right now, then they are going to win the series and go very far in the playoffs.

In this emotional time the City of Boston and his Celtic teammates, have Isaiah Thomas back.

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