A Giant Disappointment: Disappointment of the Week

Addison Abramowitz

4 weeks ago, the Giants were Super Bowl contenders.

3 weeks ago, they were number two in the Bleacher Report power rankings.

2 weeks ago, we all thought it was just the absence of Odell.

Last week, we were disappointed.

The overall lack of production from almost every player on the team last week makes this team the clear disappointment of the week.

Let’s start with the obvious, Ereck Flowers needs to go. Every season in his short career he has failed to live up to what was expected of him. Yet still, after every season we are not only told the Giants are sticking with him, we are told he is getting better. The stats say otherwise. In each of the past few seasons, he has given up the most sacks on the Giants offensive line and has been top 15 in the league. This includes the 3 given up on Monday night. Flowers has consistently been proving that he isn’t good enough to start at Left Tackle on an NFL team.

But we can’t just blame the offensive line. The quarterback, wide receivers, and running backs all didn’t show up. The only player that showed up was rookie Tight End, Evan Engram. The other pass catchers were nowhere to be found. OBJ did virtually nothing with 4 receptions for 36 yards and a crucial 4th down drop. Marshall actually did nothing. He had only one catch and dropped a wide open play that could have changed the momentum of the entire game. The running backs might be the worst crew in the league. Vereen, Darkwa, and Perkins all combined for 50 yards on Monday and less than that the week before. But the worst part might be Eli. Once a great quarterback, now he might not even be the best quarterback on the roster. His late-game throws, bad management of time, and not being aware of the first down mark really hurt the Giants on Monday night, and McAdoo was very open talking about it. He said that the quarterback play was bad. And he was right

The defense is hurt and still doing everything possible to stay in games, but the offense could be ruining the season for them. The way they played this week earns the New York Giants the title of MyWeekly Sports Disappointment of the Week.

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